How to: Save Money for Travelling

It’s true what they say; money does make the world go round. And it also gets you around the world.

I find most people put off travelling because of the expense of it all. And yes, there are parts of travelling that are costly, such as flights. But in reality, if you save those pennies, cut back on the odd pint or coffee here and there, you’ll have money saved in no time.

Here’s 5 tips on how to save money for travelling…

Change Jar.

We’ve all been there, especially us ladies. You always end up with a purse or pocket full of change, that usually ends up going towards a snack or something else. But it’s surprising how much actually begins to stack up. So why not put it in a pot or even just an empty (and clean) jam jar! You’ll soon have some spare dosh that you can use for spending money or treating yourself to a meal out when you’re abroad.

Dine In.

Do you really need to buy your lunch in the supermarket? Do you really need to go out for that meal?

Now, whilst some of these are for legitimate reasons (don’t just cancel on your best mate’s birthday meal…), sometimes we just can’t be bothered to cook at home. Am I right?

But if you keep track of how much you spend on food out, it’ll shock you how much you end up spending every week.

So prep lunch at home. Have a good breakfast. Eat in on an evening.

On the Go Coffee.

Now I love a good coffee. Perks or working in a coffee shop at the moment is the never ending stream of coffee I can consume. But it can be pricey.

So why not invest in a travel mug for your coffee and just make it at home?

Better for the environment and kinder to your purse strings? Even better.

Start Selling.

It may be time to give your closet a spring cleaning. If you’re going travelling for a good chunk of time, you may need a whole new wardrobe anyway. So why not sell the stuff you’re not going to wear?

The same can be said for books, dvds, bric-a-brac… Get yourself on ebay or at a car boot sale.

Invite your world round.

So we all like going out and doing stuff with our friends and family.

But if you’re wanting to save your hard earned cash, why not invite them to yours and have a film night and chip in for a takeaway?

Long story short? You can save on pretty much everything you do. It’s just finding imaginative ways to do so.

And once you do, you’ll soon be on that plane, jetting off on your adventures.

Charley x

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