Belgrade, Serbia

As an incredibly old city, Belgrade has seen its fair share of drama and change over the years.

From Attila the Hun, to the Ottoman and Austrian Empires, to being the capital of Yugoslavia. Its been raised to the ground a whopping 44 times. But that hasn’t stopped it coming back each and every time with new stories to tell, and more hidden secrets to discover.

Wondering what to do with your time in Belgrade?

Look no further…

Free Walking Tour

Free walking tours have become somewhat of a phenomenon in recent years, spreading from country to country. They’re a great idea if you’re on a budget…all you need to do is show up, follow your guide, and then at the end you simply choose how much you want to tip your guide. It’s completely up to you how much you give!

The Belgrade Fortress

Just a short walk up from the city centre, you’ll find yourself at this Fortress with its breathtaking views of the Serbian city. From thousands of years of history you can see where the Romans, the Turks, the Serbs, the Austro-Hungarians have all left their mark during their time in this city.

There are several museums to be found within its walls, including military weaponry, and a history of medieval torture.

No visit to Belgrade is complete without a visit to these protective walls, where thousands of years of history can be seen.

Danube River

I feel like the first half of our trip all followed a similar history pattern, and that’s mainly thanks to the Danube River, creating pathways for many different countries to travel.

If you have a free sunny afternoon, why not soak up some sun with a picnic next to the Danube!

Nikola Tesla Museum

Founded in 1952, this museum is dedicated to the life and works of Nikola Tesla, who discovered the AC current system. I’d definitely give this museum a visit, there’s tonnes of interactive exhibits and the guides make the whole experience really fun and memorable.

Republic Square/Trg Republike

Belgrade main square comes alive at night. There’s a few cheap eats and fancy restaurants surrounding the square, so I’d definitely recommend treating yourself to dinner out one evening and just sit and observe everything that goes on. There’ll be street performers, stalls and much more.

NATO Bombing Site

In an attempt to stop the Kosovo War, NATO bombed Serbia and Montenegro in 1999.

In memorial to this tragic event, Serbian Government has chosen to keep one of the Bombed buildings as it was, to remind us of the lives that were lost during that time.

Belgrade is a diverse and culturally rich city, full of welcoming people, and I would highly recommend anyone to vaiit during their European adventures. Happy exploring! X

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