Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was one of the cities I was most looking forward to visiting. I have friends who had been and raved about it, the pictures looked amazing, and I’d heard incredible things. And did it live up to my expectations? Yes it did.

Our first day was spent exploring the city and just finding our feet a little. We chose to stay in uni halls which had been converted to hostel accommodation over the summer, so it was really nice to have our own little flat to ourselves.

Of course, we joined a couple of walking tours during our stay. I think they’re a fabulous way to just discover the city, find places you’d like to visit, and get some inside knowledge on the history and culture of the place. It really helps you to find your feet!

One walking tour took us up to Buda Castle, and St Mathias Church. The church has been used for coronations, as a Mosque, and as a Catholic Church. So it’s a very unique building to visit!

If you head up Buda Castle Hill to explore the castle and its grounds, I’d highly recommend heading up in time for sunset. The sun sets begin the castle, meaning the view of the city is breathtaking…so if a time lapse is up your street, this is the place to do it.

House of Terror

Located in the city centre is a museum dedicated to the victims of the fascist and communist regimes in Hungary during the 20th Century. I’d recommend getting the audioguide if you do plan on visiting, as it helps you to just understand the history better.

Thermal Baths

Due to their location on the continent, a lot of Eastern European countries are home to some awesome thermal baths where you can easily spend hours upon hours. And Budapest does not disappoint. I’d do your research before picking which baths you what to go to; simply because some are tourist hotpots while others are more local friendly and are therefore slightly quieter.

Overall, Budapest didn’t disappoint. We had an incredible few days just relaxing, exploring and discovering so much.

Planning on visiting? What are you waiting for?

Published by Charley

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