Top 10 FREE Travel Apps

In a world filled with millions of apps to make your life easier, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which app to use for your next trip. So here’s my top 10 FREE travel apps I use on all my trips!

Omio – Booking Travel

I discovered Omio last summer when I travelled around Europe. It’s a super easy app to use which enables you to search and book plane, train and bus tickets. The app compares over hundreds of travel providers and allows you to book in multiple languages and currencies; perfect for wherever you are in the world!

*Image from Google Play Store*

Hostelworld – Accommodation

I’m a huge fan of staying in Hostels when I go travelling. The Hostelworld app is an absolute lifesaver. From comparing hostels across a city, to reading reviews from real travellers, and finding the best dorm room prices, it’s a simple app to use. They offer free cancellation on many rooms too, which allows you to book with peace of mind and flexibility.

*Image from Google Play Store*

XE Currency Converter – Finances

This app is an absolute lifesaver! When you’re travelling and booking something using local currency, it’s so important to make sure you’re not being ripped off and that the exchange rate is accurate!

*Image from Google Play Store*

Google Translate – Speak the Lingo

I feel like everyone will have an experience where they’ve tried to communicate in another language and received puzzled looks from the locals. Or sometimes you just want to know what’s on the menu for lunch. Google Translate is a great app to use to make sure you’re ordering the right thing, asking the right questions, or can even ask for help if you’re in a sticky situation.

*Image from Google Play Store*

Skyscanner – Flights

I live on Skyscanner. Whether its just for flight inspiration, or to book my next adventure, I can happily spend hours searching for the cheapest deal. Their option to travel ‘everywhere’ is one of my favourite things about Skyscanner, simply pop in the airport you’re travelling from, and let the world open up to you!

*Image from Google Play Store*

Google Maps – Navigation

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re walking down the same street over and over again. Google Maps is an easy way to make sure you know where you’re going, and you can save destinations for a later date too!

*Image from Google Play Store*

Tricount – Expenses

If you’re travelling as a group and are sharing expenses, Tricount is a great option to easily organise your group expenses. Simply fill in the costs and the site will work out the maths for you! Add your expenses and note who was paid for it, check your balance and then square up when you’re home!

*Image from Google Play Store*

TripIt – Trip Planner

TripIt is a great app for getting all your travel plans organised. If you’ve booked a trip, simply forward your confirmation emails and TripIt will create a master itinerary for your trip! How easy is that?

*Image from Google Play Store*

Flight Aware – Track Flights

Whether you want to track your flight in real time, check your gate number, or look at any airport delays, Flight Aware is a great option.

*Image from Google Play Store*

PackPoint – Travel Packing

Sometimes you just need a good old packing list to help you get organised for your trip. And this is where PackPoint comes in. They will build your list according to where you’re going, how long you’re going for – so you’ll never forget anything again!

*Image from Google Play Store*

There are so many incredible Apps out there, let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of our favourites, or if you use an App we haven’t mentioned, leave us a comment below!

Live Undaunted,

Charley x

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Hi! My name is Charley and welcome to my little travel blog! After visitng South Africa in 2016, I caught the travel bug and have since been to 20 countries, ranging from New Zealand to Ukraine! Undaunted Adventure is a travel blog full of tips, tricks and my favourite memories. Hopefully they'll give you some inspiration to travel and to give you some hints of where to go! Roam Free - Travel Undaunted.

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