Travel Inspired Christmas Gifts

Everyone has that person in their lives who are a nightmare to buy gifts for. And sometimes you just need a little inspiration as the Festive Season draws closer. If you have someone in your life who loves to travel, or perhaps you’re thinking of what you’d like for Christmas, here are a handful of travel inspired Christmas Gifts to buy your loved ones.

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

These are a great option if you know someone who is planning a trip to a specific destination. Lonely Planet Travel Guides are full of great information such as key attractions, accommodation ideas and handy maps of your chosen destination. Understandably your loved one may not take a Travel Guide with them on their trip, but it is still a fab option for anyone wanting to get a little more travel inspiration before booking their next big trip.

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Travel Toiletries

Personally when I travel, I always try and take toiletry bars. So things like shampoo bars, soap bars and even toothpaste tablets are go to purchases before I hop on a plane. Don’t forget to buy storage tubs for these too! Bars and tablets are a great way to reduce your plastic usage when you’re on the road meaning you can limit your impact on the environment too!

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency is an easy option for any time of year, not just Christmas. It allows the traveller in your life to maybe treat themselves to a souvenir whilst their on the road, a nice meal or even something practical like their next night’s accommodation. Plus you don’t need to worry about them liking your gift!

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Little bit more of a practical one here. If your loved one is heading to a destination which needs a visitor’s visa, giving them the money to purchase this is a weight off their mind! Sometimes visas can be expensive, especially once you’ve payed out for flights and accommodation. The same can be said for insurance. Insurance is a vital part of your trip, so it’s so important to make sure you’re fully covered before you jet off to an exciting new destination!

Luggage & Equipment

Perhaps your loved one needs a new backpack, hiking boots or maybe even some bits for their winter wardrobe. Why not ask them where they’re going, what they need and take it from there!

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Travel Scratch Map

I received a travel scratch map last Christmas off my family, and it is honestly one of my favourite things. And since travel is still fairly limited as we head into the New Year, this can be a great option to keep to that travel theme even if your loved one isn’t heading abroad anytime soon!


Scrapbooks are a perfect way to gather all your trip memories into one safe place, which you can go back to time and time again. But the first thing you need before you can start getting your creative head on is a beautiful book to pop all your photos in. This a great option for Secret Santa, stocking fillers or even just an extra little something to give your favourite adventurer!

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What’s the favourite thing you’ve received at Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

Charley x

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