3 Christmas Tips for Solo Travellers

Here we are, Blogmas Day Two!

If you haven’t checked out yesterday’s December Bucket List, make sure you head on over and give it a read – and most importantly, make the most of the most wonderful time of the year!

Solo Travel can be daunting enough as it is, but throw in travelling solo at Christmas and it can truly put the cat among the pigeons. But for those of you who may find yourself overseas this Christmas, here’s 3 Christmas Tips to make the most out of your travels!

Buy Yourself a Gift

Yes, really. Christmas is a time for gift giving and memory making, so why not treat yourself? I mean, maybe don’t break the bank while doing so, but buy yourself a souvenir, maybe book an extra activity, buy some local jewellery.

I always buy those little handmade bracelets whenever I’m in a new country – they’re easily packable, not breakable and are a great way to remember the trip!

Plan Ahead

Anyone who knows anything about Christmas will know that things book up fast! If you’re staying in a small town, then this might happen even faster than in a major city! Another thing to be mindful of is people like to put their prices up around Christmas because they know people will pay!

Planning (and booking) ahead where possible will give you some relative security knowing you can do what you want to do, stay where you want to stay and go where you want to go around the Festive Season!

Whether it’s flights, accommodation, a restaurant you want to try…make sure you’re prepared!

Try a Hostel

Hostels are one of the great things about solo travel – they allow you to meet a whole host of new people, join exciting activities and really get stuck in to that solo travel lifestyle.

Many hostels now do Christmas Day and New Year’s events so you can make the most of your stay!

Hostelworld has some great ideas of where to visit if you’re a solo traveller at Christmas! You can check out that page here.

If you’re solo travelling this Christmas, I hope you have the best time and get to experience so many new things!

See you all tomorrow for Blogmas Day Three!

Charley x

Published by Charley

Hi! My name is Charley and welcome to my little travel blog! After visitng South Africa in 2016, I caught the travel bug and have since been to 20 countries, ranging from New Zealand to Ukraine! Undaunted Adventure is a travel blog full of tips, tricks and my favourite memories. Hopefully they'll give you some inspiration to travel and to give you some hints of where to go! Roam Free - Travel Undaunted.

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