The Christmas Tag

Welcome to Blogmas Day Nine!

So as I’m attempting Blogmas this year, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to do something a little fun and more creative. And so I bring you The Christmas Tag. I’ve seen these floating around for a few weeks and after reading Vibrant Lune and The Kelly Diane Report‘s Christmas Tags, I thought I’d start a new tag off today.

The Christmas Tag Rules:

  • Put on your favourite Christmas playlist to listen to while answering!
  • Have a Christmas drink and/or snack while writing
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to their site
  • Answer the 10 original questions
  • Answer the questions set by whoever tagged you
  • Ask 2 questions of your own
  • Tag 6 bloggers to take part
  • Leave a link or two to some of your 2020 posts!
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The Original 10 Questions:

  • What’s your favourite Christmas Song?

Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea – hands down! My dad would play it all the time when I was younger so I guess it reminds me of family Christmases and all those magic memories!

  • What kind of food did you leave our for Santa and his reindeers on Christmas Eve?

We left a glass of brandy (for Santa, obviously), a mince pie and a couple of carrots for the reindeer!

  • What time do you normally get up on Christmas morning?

Maybe around 7? Just the same as any other day! When I was a kid I used to wake up super early with my brother and we’d always sit and watch Takeshi’s Castle (what a show, can I just add) until my parents got up!

  • When do you normally put your Christmas decorations up?

We are super traditional when it comes to Christmas decorations – we put them up 12 days before Christmas and take them down 12 days after!

  • Who’s the scrooge in your family/friendship group?

In my family? My dad… he’s not a ‘scrooge’ exactly, but if you try to persuade him to put the Christmas decs up earlier or you start playing Christmas songs too early, he’s not the most pleased person to say the least.

  • Do you prefer giving or getting gifts?

Totally giving gifts. I love the look on people’s faces when they open their gifts, and I really love hunting around for the perfect gift!

  • What does your family usually eat for Christmas dinner?

Again, here comes a pretty traditional answer. Standard UK Christmas Dinner of turkey, veg, roasties, stuffing, gravy – and of course the pigs in blankets!

  • Where did you spend last Christmas?

Just at home. I’ve never actually spent a Christmas anywhere else!

  • What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

When I was younger we would always go to my Auntie’s house for Boxing Day and I have this memory of us all being in the kitchen washing up after tea and we were all just talking and laughing! Not the most exciting memory, but one that makes me happy when I think about it!

  • Which Christmas film do you have to watch every year?

I mentioned this in one of my previous Blogmas posts, but every year we watch Jack Frost (the one with Michael Keaton) on the first Tuesday of December. And to be honest, I rarely ever watch any other Christmas film…just one a year does me!

My Questions:

  • If you could invite any celebrity (alive or dead) to Christmas dinner, who would you invite and why?
  • Can you name all of Santa’s reindeers? (No cheating!)

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