The Pros and Cons of Travelling at Christmas

The thought of travelling at Christmas has always seemed a bit bizarre if I’m honest. My family and I have always spent Christmas at home, we don’t even go out to see other family members on Christmas Day – it’s always been just us. But this year I was supposed to be in Canada for Christmas, halfway through my study abroad year. And although I’m sadly not there (thanks Corona), it did get me thinking about how I would have felt if I had been abroad for Christmas. So I thought for Blogmas Day Eleven I’d share some of the pros and cons I’ve been thinking about when travelling at Christmas…

I’m going to start with the cons – because then we can end this post on a high with all the great things about travelling at Christmas.


IT CAN BE EXPENSIVE – I feel like it’s no secret that prices get hiked up during the festive season. From accommodation, to flights, to even buying your supermarket supplies, it can be costly to travel during the
Festive Season.

MISSING OUT ON FAMILY FESTIVITIES – if you’re travelling solo, this might be a big one. Christmas is a time for family and friends; making memories, exchanging gifts and just spending some quality time with each other. So it’s important to note that travelling at Christmas might make you feel a little lonely – but I’d strongly suggest booking yourself into a hostel for the Festivities and meet some fellow solo travellers. What’s even better is that loads of hostels ramp up their activities over Christmas and the New Year!

LESS TO DO – Christmas is a weird time of year that is busy for some businesses, but an off-season for many others. A lot of venues and activities will close around Christmas, and if you’re travelling during the Winter then some places might even have closed for good for the season. So make sure you do your homework before you travel!

YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS – whether that be your Christmas dinner, favourite film, belting out your favourite Christmas tunes in the car – you might have to miss out on some of your favourite Festive activities. But don’t worry, you might find some new ones along the way!


Here we are on the good stuff!

YOU’LL DISCOVER NEW CULTURES AND TRADITIONS – everyone does Christmas differently. Some countries don’t celebrate Christmas. So travelling around the Festive Season will give you a unique opportunity to discover some new traditions and unique experiences that you’d have never witnessed if you had stayed at home.

TIME TO YOURSELF – maybe the sound of not having all your cousins, aunts and uncles over at Christmas is like heaven for you. Maybe you just want a Christmas to yourself or a handful of people you actually want to spend Christmas with – then Christmas travel might be a great idea for you!

NO STRESS – you don’t have to worry about timing the turkey cooking to perfection, making sure everyone is happy, making sure everyone has enough food and drink, watching on tenterhooks to see if your special someone likes their gift. You can just forget all about it and sit back and relax!

DISCOVER WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT – travelling at Christmas allows you to strip everything back and almost start from the beginning. You can include what you want to include and discover which things you actually value and want to do.

EXPERIENCE CHRISTMAS DIFFERENTLY – so half the world experiences Christmas in the winter, and half the world experiences it in the summer. Why not travel to a new country and a new Christmas season and experience Christmas in a completely different way?

Have you travelled at Christmas? Let us know in the comments below where you visited and how you found it!

Charley x

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