Top 5 Undaunted Adventure Posts from 2020

Welcome back to another Blogmas Post! How fast is this month going? In fact, how fast has this year gone? For today’s post I thought I’d do a little self-reflection and share 5 Undaunted Adventure Posts that I’ve loved writing this year. Thank you to everyone who’s read, commented and shared my posts this year – I’ve loved hearing all your lovely words and comments!

Why Walking Tours are the Best Way to See a City

I loved writing this post as much as I love taking a Free Walking Tour. If you’re planning your next adventure and figuring out what to do with your time, why not take a walking tour? They are a great way of getting to know your destination and help you to save a little money too! More often than not, your tour guide will suggest some great places to eat in and visit, as well as sharing some great legends and stories from your destination.

My 6 Favourite Hostel Experiences

Staying in a hostel is a great option if you’re solo travelling or just want to meet some new people! Check out my favourite 6 hostels from Europe and New Zealand – let me know if you’ve ever visited any of them!

My Skydive Experience

This was probably my favourite post of this year! Doing a skydive was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had (and would love to do again), and so it was so fun to be able to relive it and share my experiences with you guys!

An A to Z List of Things to do in the UK

Obviously this year we haven’t been able to travel much. But it’s allowed us to be able to visit some of the hidden gems our home countries have to offer. If you’re planning a trip to the UK or are after a new place to visit, make sure you check out my handy guide.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is a city everyone needs to visit – and Georgia is a country everyone needs to visit! It’s one of the world’s hidden gems, which I’m sure in the next few years will become a popular tourist destination. So I thought I’d share 6 reasons why Tbilisi should be on your bucket list!

Do you have a favourite post from 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

Charley x

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Hi! My name is Charley and welcome to my little travel blog! After visitng South Africa in 2016, I caught the travel bug and have since been to 20 countries, ranging from New Zealand to Ukraine! Undaunted Adventure is a travel blog full of tips, tricks and my favourite memories. Hopefully they'll give you some inspiration to travel and to give you some hints of where to go! Roam Free - Travel Undaunted.

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