Top 5 Places to Visit in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is a city overflowing with history, culture, and incredible people. And it also happens to be the perfect destination for a weekend break! Here are my top 5 places to visit in this beautiful city!


Visiting Crumlin Gaol was honestly the highlight of my entire weekend in Belfast. The only remaining Victoria Era prison left in Northern Ireland, Crumlin Gaol was opened in 1845 and was used for 151 years before being closed in 1996. On your tour you’ll discover how the prisoners lived, the jobs they had, what happened during The Troubles and so much more. The tour lasts for around 75 minutes and often sells out – so I’d definitely suggest booking in advance! Tickets start from just £7 and the tour is worth every penny.


The Giant’s Causeway is one of the top reasons people visit Northern Ireland. Stretching along 4 miles of the northern coast of Northern Ireland, The Causeway has over 40,000 basalt stone pillars and is known as the place where myth and science meet. Whether you believe the spectacular formations were formed through the rapid cooling of lava from an underwater volcano, or by the legendary mythical giant known as Finn MacCool is up to you but I’d highly recommend taking a tour before you make your mind up!

Giant’s Causeway

My travel companion and I headed on a full day tour of the Causeway and Antrim Coast with Irish Tour Tickets. The tour is operated all year round, leaving Belfast super early so you can take in most of Antrim’s best attractions. Your incredibly knowledgeable guide will tell you tales from the Causeway, the history of Antrim and will recommend some great places to visit in Belfast too! Highlights from the tour include The Giant’s Causeway (entry to the Causeway is included in your tour price), Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge, Bushmills Whiskey Distillery, and Dunluce Castle!


Most known for writing The Chronicles of Narnia series, CS Lewis is pretty much a Belfast legend. So much so that they’ve created a memorial square with 7 large and impressive sculptures of some of the most famous characters from the land beyond the wardrobe.

CS Lewis Square

Located at the intersection of the Connswater and Comber Greenways, the Square is just a 20-minute walk from the city centre. Located next to the EastSide Visitor Centre, visitors can access information on Belfast’s top attractions as well as discovering the EastSide’s most famous faces, places, and industrial heritage.


Right in the heart of the city is Belfast City Hall. First opened in 1906, you can visit the hall and grounds, take a guided tour, admire the stain glass windows, or visit the Titanic Memorial Gardens in its grounds. Using an LED lighting system, the hall is lit up in various colours and combinations (with various colours used for different celebrations), highlighting the building’s stunning architecture. If you’re in need of a coffee break to refuel, then you can also pay a visit to The Bobbin Coffee Shop on your exploration of the hall.


Belfast is home to the world’s largest Titanic visitor experience, allowing visitors to exploring the full story of the Titanic in a new and exciting way. Featuring 9 interactive galleries, the last remaining White Star vessel (SS Nomadic) and the historic Slipways where Titanic and Olympic were built, there is so much to do on a visit to this iconic museum.  

SS Nomadic

Admission to the Titanic Museum Galleries and SS Nomadic ranges from £8.50 for children (ages 5-16), £19 for adults and £15.50 for concessions. If you want to save a little money, you can walk around the Slipways for free, allowing you to explore a life size plan of the Titanic’s Promenade Deck, the positions of the liner’s lifeboats and to track the Titanic’s journey.

Have you visited Belfast before? Let me know in the comments your favourite places!

Charley x

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