Top Coronavirus Resources for Travellers

This month marks a year since Coronavirus was declared a Global Pandemic by the World Health Organisation. A year on, for some of us it still feels like there is an awful long way to go. But as restrictions begin to ease, and travel slowly opens again, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you are hoping to travel later this year (whether domestically or internationally) here are some handy resources to make sure you are staying safe, up to date and on top of all the need-to-know news and facts surrounding Covid-19.

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Here in the UK, we’re still in a national lockdown and will be for the next few weeks at least. But if you’re starting to make plans for the summer, Gov UK has a dedicated website full of safe travel guidance for passengers. Ranging from social distancing guidance, new coronavirus testing and quarantine rules as well as what to expect to find on the passenger locator form, this should be your go to page whether you’re planning to travel domestically or internationally later this year.

Finding out Where the Virus is:

  • The WHO (World Health Organisation) Covid-19 Dashboard features a world map which is updated daily to show the latest case rates in each country. You can find the map here.

If You Are Planning a Trip Abroad (or Already Have Tickets Booked):

  • Gov.UK has a complete guide for over 200 countries around the world which enables you to find reliable advice on travelling abroad during coronavirus as well as general safety and security tips, entry requirements and travel warnings. You can find the full list of countries here.
  • Gov.UK has also created a full plan for travel checklist which you can find here.
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For Domestic Travel:

  • With the UK being made up of 4 nations, each with their own Governmental responsibilities and paths out of lockdown, you can use the Gov UK website to find out what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in each of the four home nations here. This should help you figure out where you can go, who you can go with and when you can go a lot more easily!

If You Are Flying (Domestic or International):

  • Make sure you visit your airline’s website to check on latest flight updates, travel advice and any potential refund forms you may need to fill out if your flight has been cancelled. The same can be said for any package holidays you have booked – make sure you check in with your holiday provider before you go!
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If You Are Returning to the UK:

  • Quarantine will probably here for the long-term. So if you’re coming back from an international trip, or if you’re busy planning your next holiday abroad, it’s important to know what the rules are for your spell in quarantine. Make sure you check out Gov UK’s guide here.

I hope this post is helpful, and that when we can travel again, you can enjoy a well-deserved adventure! Stay safe,

Charley x

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