An Interview With: Continental Coxon’s

One of my goals for Undaunted Adventure this year is to interview a variety of fellow travel bloggers, vloggers and podcasters. I’ll be releasing a Q&A each month, and this month Jamie & Jacqui from Continental Coxon’s took some time to answer some questions all about their vlog, travel experiences and tips for future vloggers!

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Jamie and Jacqui Coxon and we have a YouTube channel called Continental Coxon’s. Jamie is 44 and Jacqui is 42. We live in Northumberland and we met back in 2009 on a night out in Morpeth. We got engaged two and a half years later in Thailand and married in Zante, Greece in September of 2015.

We both love our holidays and travelling to exotic locations, Jamie having travelled to more far flung places than Jacqui, but she has the hunger for it now.
We have only just recently started doing vlogs of our local area and hope to build this up ahead of being able to travel further afield again. Jamie tends to do most the blogging in the channel and Jacqui features within the videos.

Our YouTube channel can be found here:

What was your inspiration for starting your YouTube Channel?

This is a funny one because I (Jamie) have actually had the channel for about 14 or 15 years now, without ever realising the potential of what you can achieve from having a YouTube channel. I uploaded a video I threw together from New York and then another from a trip to Thailand and I got absolutely thousands of views without ever realising. Its only in recent years I’ve realised this. My channel is only very very small but would love to see it grow now I have started producing more content.  Anyway, to get to the main question, I have gained a lot of inspiration since lockdown. I have been watching so many travel channels and there are some brilliant ones at that. I have watched a lot of stuff from The Holistic Trainor, The Budgeteers and Paddy Doyle. Mainly because they all travel around Thailand which is one of my favourite places to go. Its only really since I’ve been watching these I’ve started to vlog in my local area to get some practice ahead of being able to travel again. I watch these videos and kick myself sometimes about the things we’ve missed in the past, for example, the King of Thailand passing away the day we arrived on our honeymoon. It was an experience not many people will have despite the situation. Bangkok was a completely different city at this time. So because of these missed opportunities, it has spurred me on to try and make some good content showing off my home county and try and influence people to visit Northumberland. There are so many hidden gems here. Hopefully, we can begin to share our foreign travels very soon.

I loved watching your Northumberland Coastal Route Series! Do you have a favourite place from your time exploring the Route?

I’m really pleased you enjoyed them and it’s really encouraging to hear people say so. I read one of your blogs and noticed you had Bamburgh as one of the top beaches to visit this summer, it is an absolutely stunning beach and the views are so dramatic with the castle, they are unsurpassed really. I recorded all these in one morning and it was the first time I had done anything like that, in terms of vlogging, but I ended up really enjoying doing it. I’d probably say Cresswell is one of my favourite places as I grew up about a mile from here. I think the beach in Cresswell is a massive hidden gem along the Northumberland Coast. The whole route is worth visiting though.

Do you have a favourite video from your channel?

I’m going to go with my Cresswell video as it was my first ever vlog and because of the affinity I have with the place. I also really enjoyed the creation and editing for the first time doing something like this. It was great to finally use my drone and managed to get some truly stunning shots that day.

If you could sum up your travelling style in 3 words, what would they be?

Researched, adventurous and budget

Would you rather go swimming with dolphins or diving with sharks?

I’d have to go with swimming with dolphins, they seem like such curious friendly creatures and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, even better if it was in their natural habitat.

What’s your favourite holiday memory?

This is a really good question and probably the one I have found hardest to answer as there have been so many from my childhood and beyond that. The one I’m going to go with is when I asked my now wife Jacqui to marry me on Railey beach in Krabi, Thailand. It was perfect, we were alone on the beach, it had just gone midnight, which meant it was Jacqui’s birthday too. The moon was out shining across the sea and it just fell in to place. It is just as well I took the plunge here as I had planned to do it on Koh Phi Phi at the viewpoint,the following day. I ended up going to the completely wrong viewpoint, it threw it down with rain and Jacqui got bitten alive by mosquitos so it would’ve been a disaster. It all worked out well in the end.

Have you ever found a destination/experience to be totally overrated?

Euro-Disney. I went here back in 2005 and was so disappointed. It was really expensive to get in and I was really surprised how little there actually was in terms of attractions. Some of the rides were closed the day we visited as well, which did not help matters.

If you could visit any country in the world where would it be, and why?

It would be Vietnam, mainly because it seems to have so much on offer. Beautiful scenery, it is still relatively cheap and mainly because of the fascinating, yet tragic history of the country. I have wanted to travel here for 20 years now. I had the opportunity back in 2002 when I spent a month travelling Thailand with a friend. He had been travelling for a year and I arranged to meet him in Bangkok. Anyway, I had a full time job to come back to that I would have lost if I hadn’t returned home but I do regret not going. We did actually have flights booked to travel to Vietnam via Singapore last September, but again, because of Covid the flights got cancelled. We hope to travel there again in 2022, fingers crossed.

Final question! If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start their own YouTube channel or blog, what would it be?

Probably something I didn’t do, but make an introduction about what the channel will be about and the type of content you hope to produce. I would also encourage new users to engage with their audience via the comments. 

Thank you Jamie and Jacqui for taking part in our Q&A! You can connect with them over on their social media channels and YouTube by following the links below…

Charley x

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