24 hours in Vienna

Vienna, Austria: Home of the sachertorte, art, and classical music…and a whole lot more just waiting to be discovered.

We only had 24 hours to see this magnificent city during our European adventures in 2019, but we still made sure we fit in as much as we could…and here’s what we got up to!

City Tram Tour

If you’re short on time like we were, but still want to see all of Vienna’s key places such as the Vienna Opera State, Parliament and the Imperial Palace, then I’d definitely recommend a City Ring Tour. It takes approximately 25 minutes, and all the information is given to you over headsets (provided), in 8 different languages.

Vienna National Library

This library blew me away. It’s 100% worth the entrance fee (€8 for adults), with over 200,000 books lining the walls from as early as 1500. It’s incredible art work and infrastructure just adds to the whole experience, it was one of my highlights from our time in the city for sure.

Schonbrunn Palace

After checking out of our hotel we still had a few hours until we needed to catch our train to the Czech Republic. So we decided to head across town to the Schonbrunn Palace.

Whilst we didn’t pay to go inside the actual Palace, we did walk round the grounds and gardens, and the views were incredible.

With its foundations dating back to the Middles Ages, and uses varying from a hunting lodge to a Royal Palace, there is tonnes of history just waiting to be discovered on your visit. And if a walk around the Palace, its grounds and its gardens aren’t enough, there’s also a zoo and a maze to keep you occupied for the day.

Eat Cake!

Austria is pretty famous for its Sachertorte, so it would be pretty rude to visit and not try any! Pretty much any cafe or restaurant you head to will have this delicious treat on the menu, but there are a handful of places which are just a cut above the rest. You can check out a great guide on the top places to try Sachertorte here (we headed to Cafe Sacher)!

Whilst Vienna was certainly one of the most expensive cities on our trip, the experience definitely outweighs the cost.

Even walking down its central streets and popping in to local shops, cafes and bakeries (100% recommend making sure you try some more Austrian delicacies whilst you’re there!) will leave a lasting impression on you.

Charley x

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