Welcome to Undaunted Adventure!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Charley, and I live in a little village in North-East England.

Coming from a small village, you get used to a certain way of living; where it’s impossible to have any secrets from your next door neighbours; where there’s only one bus to get you to the local town; and where life can be very quiet. I absolutely LOVE where I live, but for me I needed to escape. I needed to travel…to experience something more than village life…to experience a different culture, different attitudes, meet different people…and for me, travel was the perfect way to do so!

For me, travel is not about how many places you get to visit, or going to the party hotspots. For me its all about learning about our gorgeous world, and more importantly, the people in it. There’s nothing greater than speaking to the locals and learning about their day to day life, where they go in their spare time, what they eat and how they cook it.

Undaunted Adventure is all about my experiences across the globe, my favourite places, my favourite people. And hopefully it will inspire you to try something new. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Live Undaunted.

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