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7 Tips for Solo Travel

For me, solo travel has been one of my biggest achievements. It’s allowed me to push my comfort zone, experience new things and widen my horizons. But that doesn’t mean it’s not scary. So here are my top tips for solo travel and how to beet those anxious feelings!

Top Festivals around the World in March

From the truly unique, to the most colourful and vibrant occasions, here are my top festivals from around the world in the month of March!

Recipes from Around the World: Ohio Buckeye Candy

Although travel is still on hold for the next few months, I still want to venture round the world in one way or another! So each month I’ll be sharing some of my favourite recipes from my travels and this month is the turn of Ohio Buckeye Candy!

3 Travel Books to Read in 2021

I love reading a good travel book -whether it’s a guidebook, autobiography or photography book. Over time I’ve gained a relatively large collection of books but here are my top 3 to read this year!

9 Unique Chinese New Year Facts

February 12th Marks the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the year of the Ox! Here are 9 unique facts about Chinese New Year!

A Little Encouragement for 2021

A Little Encouragement for 2021…

Top Tips for Booking Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re dreaming of your next holiday, making tentative plans for an international getaway or busy booking something a little closer to home, here are my top tips for booking your next adventure!

February Festivals Around the World

Last month I shared some great January festivals from around the world and this month I thought I’d carry on the trend. Here are 5 of my favourite February festivals you need to know about!

6 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Travel Lovers

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your best mate, or after a present for your special someone, here are 6 great Valentine’s gift ideas for your favourite jetsetter!

UK Myths and Legends: 15 Historic Sites to Visit

It should come as no surprise that the UK has a vast history full of ancient traditions, myths, and legends. Over time these stories, secrets and surprises have been passed down from generation to generation to become the foundation of today’s British culture.
Here are my top 5 myths and legends and the historic sites they have been built upon.