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Christmas Eve Traditions

Welcome to the last day of Blogmas! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts over the last 24 days! As it’s Christmas Eve I thought I’d share some brilliant Christmas Eve Traditions from around the world. Here are my favourite 12!

Christmas Eve Bingo

Today I thought I’d share something ready for Christmas Eve tomorrow – Christmas Eve Bingo!

Travel Tips for the New Year

Check out my 5 travel tips to make sure you stay safe in the New Year!

Holiday Traditions from Around the World

Last night I was looking up some Holiday Traditions from Around the World and found some interesting traditions – and some crazy ones too. So from Cyprus to Guatemala, here are my favourite Holiday Traditions from around the world!

My Favourite Bloggers of 2020

Here we are in the last week before Christmas! As another year is coming to an end, here are 6 of my favourite bloggers from 2020!

Favourite Christmas Films

Welcome to another day of Blogmas! Here are my 3 favourite Christmas Films of all time…

Top 5 Undaunted Adventure Posts from 2020

Thank you to everyone who’s read, commented and shared my posts this year – I’ve loved hearing all your lovely words and comments! Here are my top 5 Undaunted Adventure Posts that I’ve loved writing this year.

My Dream Christmas Getaway

I’ve never been abroad for Christmas – we’ve always stayed at home and spent time together as a family. Which, to be honest, I’ve always absolutely loved; just being able to switch off, escape from the world for a few days and make some memories with loved ones. But I always think of where I’d go if I were to travel on Christmas – so here’s My Dream Christmas Getaway! Happy Blogmas!

Christmas Snacks from Around the World

From Germany to The Philippines, here’s a round up of some of the most interesting and delicious Christmas snacks from around the World…

A Festive Playlist

Check out my top 10 Christmas songs to add to your Festive Playlist!