February Festivals Around the World

Last month I shared some great January festivals from around the world and this month I thought I’d carry on the trend. Here are 5 of my favourite February festivals you need to know about!

UK Myths and Legends: 15 Historic Sites to Visit

It should come as no surprise that the UK has a vast history full of ancient traditions, myths, and legends. Over time these stories, secrets and surprises have been passed down from generation to generation to become the foundation of today’s British culture.
Here are my top 5 myths and legends and the historic sites they have been built upon.

An Interview With: City Breaks Podcast

One of my goals for Undaunted Adventure this year is to interview a variety of fellow travel bloggers, vloggers and podcasters. I’ll be releasing a Q&A each month, and this month Marian from City Breaks Podcast took some time to answer some questions all about her podcast, travel experiences and tips for future podcasters!